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The Honda MSX 125 | Bike Review

When Honda announced that they were going to release a new ‘monkey’ bike in 2013, everybody got excited. The iconic 50cc, baby-bikes of the 60’s and 70’s have been much loved by many people and whilst our hearts got all a flutter at the thought, if we were being honest with ourselves, they were never the bikes we needed for the modern world. But the Honda MSX 125 released five years ago - just might be…

The Honda MSX 125 | Bike Review

Based on the near-bulletproof 125cc, two-valve engine, the Mini Street X-treme (MSX) only spits out 9 bhp, but when it weighs in at only 222lb (100kg), that makes for a fun ride.

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Despite looking like a ‘twist-and-go’ scooter, the MSX125 is actually a four-speed machine with a standard gearbox and a lot of attitude. Actually called the "Grom" in the United States, it’s full of beach and surfer posture but its natural habitat surely has to be the city. With its diminutive size you can pretty much park - or ride - it anywhere and the engine is quick enough to take care of most of those pesky red lights. Oh and the fuel economy is claimed by Honda to be way up in the 180 mpg range.

Honda MSX 125

But it’s the size of the thing that really sells, and in the city it really does have the edge over any ‘normal’ sized machine - it’s so light and so easy to negotiate around traffic that you’ll never want to go large again!

Mind you, this also makes it pretty easy to pick up and load into a van so if you’re tempted enough to pick one of the earlier models up second hand for the current price of around £2,000, we would recommend spending some money on a decent lock and chain. You’ll need that to tame this little simian screamer down!

The Honda MSX125 125 Specifications

Price: £4,099

Engine: 124.9cc 2v air-cooled single cylinder engine

Power: 9.6bhp

Weight: 101 kg

Licence needed : CBT (Over 17 years old)

MPG: 180 (Tested by Honda UK)

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